After Selenium Conf 2012

I’m one of the guys who went to the Selenium Conf 2012 in London and it was awesome!

Very good talks and very nice people, congratulations to the organizers and specially to Simon Stewart and Jason Huggings.

I could write lots of things of what i saw there, but i don’t have much time so i’m going to write some brief conclusions:

  • Most of the top tier companies test their software in a ( more or less ) similar way, which indicates that the testing world is going through a single line and this involves very good things such a future standardization and good cooperation between people within this testing world. Great news.
  • In my current job at Tuenti, we are also in the same page. We achieve, in some cases, better results and have a better testing framework/infrastructure than some companies that are in the same vein. That thing made me feel very proud and happy of what we are doing at Tuenti.
  • Everyone has problems with their tests:
    • slowness
    • flakiness
    • brittle tests
    • undeterminism produced by AJAX asynchronous requests
    • DOM changes made by the developers and its consequent test update
    • Third party elements in tests
  • Some of them could (kind of) fix their problems, but there isn’t a good nor standard solution for all these problems. Here, the testing world has a big room of improvement.  I have some ideas for some of them.
  • Surprisingly for me, Cucumber ( or at least BDD ) is being more and more popular.

When i was seeing some of the talks, i though that maybe in the future i can write an article or even do a talk of how the testing at Tuenti has evolved since my first days in October 2009, some points:

  • We ran 400 tests in 3 hours, now we run 11000 in 23 minutes
  • We used Cruisecontrol, now we use Jenkins
  • Every release we had about 40 tests out of 400 failing randomly due to an important flakiness, now, helped with some magic tricks, i’m proud to says that zero tests fail out of 11000