Speaker at Codemotion@Madrid 2013

The Codemotion conferences will be held in October the 18/19 in Madrid and i will be one of the speakers talking about the release, integration and development process of Tuenti.

Check this out:


In a nutshell, the talk will briefly summarize a blog post series i’m writting for our company developer’s blog regarding the development, integration and release workflows, how they were in the past and how they evolved to now be fast, reliable and with almost no human intervention.

These are the blog posts (3 so far, the 4th will be very soon)

The Tuenti release and development process blog post series

It’s time to announce a blog post series i’m publishing in the Tuenti developers blog.

It’s about the release and development process and i’ll try to explain how we work internally in our company, since a developer starts programming till the code goes to the production servers, passing through the development environment, Jenkins, the continuous integration and delivery and some internal tools we’ve developed to automate and ease the process.

This first part of the series just makes an introduction of what will come further on and shows the differences of how Tuenti was in the past (4 years ago approximately) and how is now.

In a nutshell, before there were many manual and error prone tasks the ended up in bugs in the site and now, everything is fast, reliable and automatic, with no manual intervetion at all.


I will announce the forthcoming posts here.


Looking for a Devops Engineer / Release Manager @tuenti.com

We are looking for a Devops Engineer / Release Manager here at http://www.tuenti.com.

Join our amazing Devops team to improve the development workflow of more than 150 engineers, to write tools to automate EVERYTHING within this company like a single button to push code to live or a tool to merge branches automatically and to manage the releases we do almost everyday pushing code to more than 14 million users.

Enjoy this company: international environment ( people from more than 20 countries ), football table, ping-pong, beer+pizza every friday afternoon, trips, young and very talented people, etc.

Check the offer out or contact me!! http://corporate.tuenti.com/es/jobs/opportunities/offer/69