Apache mpm_event module running out of slots when reload

I’m finally back, sorry for my long absence, but i moved a year ago to San Francisco to work at ThousandEyes and my life is quite busy at this moment.

So, it seems that the new Apache version 2.4 stopped considering the mpm_event module as experimental and changed it to stable. But i don’t think is as stable as it should be, at least in Ubuntu Trusty, i haven’t tried other distros.

The mpm_event module is basically an improvement of the mpm_worker, it changes how the requests are handled by the Apache threads by creating a main thread to listen all of them and delegating the actual work to other threads freeing the main thread to attend other requests.

There is a bug, easy to reproduce, that makes your Apache server run out of slots to attend requests, if you execute an Apache reload (like the logrotate conf that the Ubuntu Apache package has…) some slots become G in the Apache scoreboard, meaning “Gracefully finishing”, which is expected, the problem is that some of them never comes back as an available slot.

To reproduce it, open two consoles, in the first one:

$ while true ; do service apache2 reload; done

And in the second one:

$ watch -n 1 "apache2ctl status | tail -n30"

You will need some requests to hit your server, because i suspect that the slots that hangs in “Gracefully finishing” are the ones that had an open connection.

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Nginx as reverse proxy for RabbitMQ MochiWeb server

Hi all,

I’ve suffered a hard day trying to find the solution to a problem that apparently has no a clear solution in the internet, at least, i couldn’t find it. So, i made mine.

RabbitMQ offers several plugins to enhance its usability, like the RabbitMQ management plugin (provides an HTTP-based API for management and monitoring of your RabbitMQ server, along with a browser-based UI and a command line tool) among others. Every plugin that requires any HTTP interaction works over a MochiWeb server automatically installed once installing the plugin. This server offers the 55672 port (default one) to interact with the API. For example, you can ask for the current RabbitMQ queues.

curl -u guest:guest http://localhost:55672/api/queues

In my case, i had to use Nginx web server as a reverse proxy for the MochiWeb server in order to have the management plugin web interface along with the default domain name, something like:


Therefore, i configured Nginx in this super easy way:

location /rabbitmq/ { 

But the problems started when i tested the full web interface and there were some parts not working, like consulting the queues: go to the queues tab and click in a queue, you will get this:

Not found

The object you clicked on was not found; it may have been deleted on the server.

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